CURRIMAO GREEN NIPA RESORT CORPORATION (NIPA BEACH RESORT) is an international resort owned by a Taiwanese national – MR. CHEN JEN CHING and being managed by top caliber Taiwanese and Filipino staff. It was built and organized through the assistance of Currimao Mayor ERNESTO GO and family.

It started its business venture on 1998 exclusively for its members - mostly Taiwanese. The resort began fully operational on March 1999 with only sixty-five (65) rooms and a Presidential suite and a manpower force of thirty (30) personnel – mostly residents of Currimao and its nearby towns- Paoay, Batac and Laoag. Its formative years were nurtured by the founding Chairperson assisted by local government officials to become one of the region’s deluxe resort hotels in terms of liquidity, solvency and profitability.

To date, NIPA Beach Resort is located in Barangay Salugan, Currimao, Ilocos Norte on a beautifully landscaped eighteen (18) hectares. Year 2003, its development is finally finished with first class facilities. Thus, opened its doors for business to local market throughout the land. The resort now has one hundred (100) rooms consisting of wooden cottages, cottages with loft, deluxe, standard rooms and state of the art rooms – the executive suite for members only.

Apparently, it has a function hall, conference room and five (5) Food and Beverage outlets – Chinese Restaurant, Tea Bar, Beach Bar, Coffee Shop, KTV and Pub House – Club 509 for members only.

Other facilities include water sports, swimming pool, Gift Shop and Mini Store, SPA and Amusement Center. Furthermore, the resort has its own chartered airplane that flies directly from Taiwan to Laoag three (3) times a week.

On September 6, 1988, it became an affiliate member of the Resort Condominium International (RCI). Likewise, on June 20, 2003, the Department of Tourism has finally accredited NIPA Beach Resort as Class AA resort pursuant to the provisions of Executive Order No. 120. And on April 24,2006, NIPA became Class AAA resort.

NIPA values its employees as the most important asset and believes that financial investment is secondary only to the growth of the business.

What contribute most are officers and staff whose unselfish exertion of their expertise and professionalism, undoubtedly lubricated a smooth growth, stability and continued progress. Thus, from recruitment to retirement, the Management is committed to care for its employees’ welfare.

With adherence to its objectives, definitely NIPA’s goal to go international will be achieved. Particularly, NIPA is devoted to the following principles:

  • Hiring of the most qualified personnel to ensure competitive standard of skills and professionalism.

  • Maintenance of a performance –based career growth program.

  • Establishment of educational programs to provide opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

  • Integration of an internally and externally competitive compensation and benefits program.

  • Adoption of a positive discipline system which is corrective rather than punitive in nature.

  • Enhancement of a consistent atmosphere of open communication, thus, providing a harmonious employer-employee relationship.

NIPA is constantly seeking to establish and utilize fair standards for

evaluating work performance and to reward outstanding employees for their achievements. The Management accepts the responsibility to help improve employees work performance and efficiency has fallen below established standards. Thus, work rules were prepared to deal with any significant employee problems. The Management also believes that employees prefer to know the consequences of their actions and that the only way to ensure fair and consistent treatment of each employee is to have a written policy known to all employees that is the CODE OF DISCIPLINE.